I saw information about the SAR seminar on the CT NASW page. The dates of the SAR seminar was a good time of year.  The SAR seminar was well organized and the time flew by.  The use of activities, speakers, videos, group processing, and visiting a BDSM club disseminated information in a way that was interesting and unforgettable. The presenters were friendly and made seminar attendees feel safe asking questions and participating in the activities. 

– C. L., Connecticut 


Thank you so much for the wonderful SAR; it was by far the best experience I’ve had specific to sexuality presentations/conferences/trainings.

– L. T., Ohio


I grew immensely as a person from having shared this learning experience with you, the guest speakers you invited, and my fellow participants.  I’m actually quite moved (still!) by the level of intimacy we achieved as a group, and it has shifted my consciousness for the better.

I was moved by the commonality of the speakers, no matter their story, who looked for inner peace, self-acceptance, and at times, something beyond themselves to make sense of their experience.

– S. C., Kentucky


I heard about the SAR through the AASECT website, since I was looking for upcoming events that offered credits toward certification. I chose it in part because of the dates, since I am an observant Jew and cannot do the usual Saturday events.

Attending the SAR was an experience that personally impacted me in a way I did not expect. Finding other open-minded, sex-positive professionals interested in having important discussions about the topics that drive my work was probably the most significant aspect of the SAR.

– S. L., New Jersey


SAR in the City was well-organized, informative, and clinically relevant to my private practice.  The speakers engaged participants in an exploration of our sexual attitudes as well as informed us about clinical issues we might not have considered in our work with various populations.  I plan to take SAR in the City in the future.

– G. G., New York


The SAR really gave me a new perspective on myself and on the field of sex therapy.  My eyes were not only opened to different ways that people experience sexual pleasure and excitement, but on different ways people might act out or try to work through early trauma.  New resources were presented as options to me and I gained a perspective of how clearly I can maintain a liberal world view for others, separate from my own personal worldview which is more conservative.

– S. L., New York