Getting married is an adjustment and Maze Women’s Sexual Health is here to make it smoother.  Kallah Consultations is a private, customized, two-session workshop designed to help you make the transition into marriage. No matter what your level of prior experience is, we’ll give you the tools and confidence to build a fun, healthy and enjoyable sex life.

Each session will involve meeting with both a female medical professional and a female sexuality counselor, and will enable you to feel more prepared and excited for the new stage ahead. These appointments will help you feel more comfortable with your body, have a pleasant and comfortable first internal exam, discuss the birth control option that may be right for you and allow you to have a  forum to raise any questions or concerns you may have…. with professionals who have heard it all!

Session I (1.5 hours):

  • Getting to Know You: A review of anatomy and how things “work”.
  • First internal exam; gentle, explanatory, on your terms.
  • Introduction to birth control (for the wedding or beyond), discussion of best options, and a prescription.
  • Optional pap-smear and dilation.
  • Review of lubricant options.

Session II (1 hour- can be in conjunction with the chattan):

  • Understanding Sex- Introductory sexual information, norms, and answers to any/all questions you may have.
  • Discussion of common early problems and when to reach out for help.
  • Recommendations of books and resources for continued learning.


Cost: $500 for both sessions*
Locations: Appointments can be made in our NYC, Westchester or Long Island offices.

Scheduling: The sooner you make the appointment the more birth control and scheduling options will be available to you.
For more information: Please call 914-328-3700 or email us at


*A portion may be covered by insurance if  you have out of network benefits. Call our office for more information.